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Drilling Fluids Services

ESNAAD operates a comprehensive drilling fluids service that includes the production of drilling chemicals , Barite , Bentonite and Attapulgite with more than 90% of our production in Barite. We sell to ADNOC group companies as well as further afield e.g. ARAMCO. We also import raw material from India.





Production capacity:

  • Barite about 20 MT /Hr.
  • Bentonite about 8 MT /Hr
  • Attapulgite about 7 MT /Hr.

Production capacity : about 100,000 MT /Year.

All these chemicals are used in drilling operations.

  • Barite is used as a weighting agent ; to increase the density of the mud.
  • Bentonite is used to produce viscosity in fresh water.
  • Attapulgite is used to produce viscosity in salt water.

These chemicals are then sold to local operating companies operating companies such as ADCO,ADMA and ZADCO as well as outside the UAE-A good reflection on the quality of our products.

Solids control equipment:

ESNAAD is also in the business of Solic Control kit – supplying kit such as shale shakers , mud cleaners and centrifuge.

All these are used on the rigs whilste drilling to remove solids from the mud or in the case of.

Shale shakers to remove coarse solids or-

Mud cleaners and centrifuge to remove the fine solids.

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