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Oilfield Services

Following the incorporation of the well services business in to ESNAAD’s scope of activities in 2003, ESNAAD has continued to build its reputation by collaborating with internationally reputed organisations to ensure the provision of a wide range of specialised services and solutions to the oil & gas industry within the UAE OPCOS and GCC countries.

Our goal is to establish healthy market competition with no compromise on the quality of services we deliver. To achieve our goal we use state of art technology equipment and a highly qualified and experienced service team.

Our success is measured by the diverse solutions we offer and customer satisfaction.

We utilize Best Practices in QHS&E, Management Processes and Information technologies to ensure no harm to our people, no harm to the environment and to create a practical management model that can be replicated in new operations.

Engineering support is available to handle all aspects of the intervention from the preparation of basis of design documents to program authorship and post job reporting.

Including office-based engineering, support personnel and a highly competent offshore workforce with diverse range of equipment, ESNAAD Well Services provide a high quality coiled tubing service that meets the demands of an increasingly complex working environment.

The new product line is now available and comprises onshore/offshore services:

  • Oil Well Pumping & Stimulation Services
  • Coiled Tubing Services
  • Nitrogen Treatment Services  
  • Production Well Testing Services
  • Corrosion Inspection and Cathodic Protection Services

Oil Well Pumping & Stimulation  Services:

A full range of chemical and hydraulic stimulation techniques are offered, either within the high pressure pumping service line or as a combined operation with coiled tubing or Nitrogen pumping systems.

The diverse range of operations, from flow line and completion flushing to matrix acid, are serviced from the extensive fleet of pumping and fluid handling equipment on inventory. With a focused management and engineering support team, ESNAAD Well Services provide a complete stimulation service.

ESNAAD's - state of the art high pressure twin pumping units play an integral part in operational and performance success. Our stimulation equipment is complete with all necessary auxiliaries such as water and acid tanks and choke manifolds as well as high pressure treating iron and valves to provide a complete service package.

ESNAAD Well Services combination of skilled personnel and proven equipment allows the company to supply a high quality and comprehensive stimulation service line.

Equipment is available for all environments from land operations, using truck-mounted units to offshore Zone I and Zone II systems. Our inventory includes mixing equipment suitable for all oil well stimulation applications.

Experienced management, engineering and operations personnel support the product line, ensuring that all stages, from planning through execution and reporting - will be effectively and accurately completed.


Coiled Tubing Services:

ESNAAD well services offer a comprehensive coiled tubing service, based on a wide range of proven abilities. With units suitable for operation in Zone I and Zone II, ESNAAD Well Services coiled tubing product line is well supported by numerous auxiliary facilities and functions. Equipment is drawn from the pumping and nitrogen service lines as required, whilst dedicated support of our coiled tubing extend the scope of operation for wide variety of Onshore and Off-shore applications.

ESNAAD Well Services' Zone II rated coiled cubing units are sound proofed, diesel powered, four piece units, separate control cabin and hydraulic power packs with adjustable hydraulic lifting jacks provide the localised control and hydraulic pumps required to drive different injector models. Reel angular positioning system allows accurate pipe guidance through injector and well head. The Zone II rated unit is capable of running the complete range of coiled tubing pipe sizes available today.

The Zone II coiled tubing suite of equipment is supported by auxiliary equipment such as extending the range of applications to cover interventions that are rig assisted - stand alone for both Onshore and Off-shore.

Nitrogen Treatment Services:

Nitrogen pumping is offered both as a service line in its own right and as a support service to other ESNAAD Well Services product lines with applications varying from gas lifting, wellbore cleanouts and process plant purging to nitrified acid and foam diversion.

ESNAAD Well Services along with our successful alliance with highly reputed Service Companies provide a high quality range of nitrogen converters from ambient vaporizers for low volume and pressure applications, to diesel powered Zone II rated units capable of 10,000 psi and 180,000 SCF / HR. Liquid nitrogen transport tanks and high pressure treating iron are supplied from inventory to provide a complete service package.

Production Well Testing Services:

ESNAAD Well Services in collaboration with highly reputed Partners are leading the way, breaking ground and discovering new paths, while raising industry standards in flow management. As the safety, performance and reliability of equipment, personnel and data continue to play a vital role in the success of the oil and gas industry, ESNAAD Well Services is positioned to excel in all these areas.

The diversified experience and reputation of our partners combine the strengths and best practices of industry leaders, with a leading marketing presence and dependable track record.


Corrosion & Inspection Services:

ESNAAD jointly with INSPECTA INT'L have been awarded the contract for "Corrosion & Inspection Services" by M/S: ADCO to cover all ADCO production fields.

Other services being provided in our alliance with INSPECTA INT'L such as Inspection, Plant Integrity, QA/QC, Heat Treatment Nondestructive Testing, Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Monitoring, Abseiling Inspection, HSE Consultancy, Training & Certification of Inspection Personnel Services.

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