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Production Department

The Production Department covers the following three plants

Grinding Plant:

For about 30 years ESNAAD has been serving the local and international markets with the widely used mud materials i.e. Barite, Bentonite and Salt Gel through its own huge production mill and bulk facilities as well as supplying various types of mud materials. It is one of the best in the Middle East, which follows API and International Standard ISO 9001.

Blending Plant:

A purpose built Blending Plant facility is for specialty chemicals.  ESNAAD is already one of the special oil field chemicals in Abu Dhabi, with its products which consist of the full range of specialty and commodity water injection, oil and gas, refinery and utility chemicals applications e.g.: corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors, biocides, demulsifiers, Anti-foam, oxygen scavengers, water treatment chemicals etc.  ESNAAD currently has over 35 groups of products utilized in the production process of crude oil.

Brine Plant

ESNAAD has established a new brine plant inside the ESNAAD base with the intent of having Brine Plant that can produce two types of brine, i.e. Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride. The plant can also be used to produce other brines of high specific gravity upto 1.90.  This brine will be transferred to off shore rigs. It is used for work over and completion operation.  Storage capacity is approx. 6000 barrels.

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