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CEO Message

CEO Message

ADNOC Global Trading plays a crucial role in the strategic vision of ADNOC Group, driving value through our dynamic approach to trading and market engagement. Established to enhance the value of ADNOC and third-party products, ADNOC Global Trading has rapidly grown into a significant player in the energy market, characterized by innovation and strategic expansion.

Over the past four years, ADNOC Global Trading has expanded its geographical footprint, establishing a presence in key markets such as Singapore, with plans to extend to Europe and the US. This growth is not just geographical; it encompasses a deepening of our trading strategies to include third-party products and a commitment to advancing beyond traditional oil trading.

Our inception marked a transformative shift from long-term contracts to real-time market engagements, enabling us to generate substantial value for ADNOC. Additionally, we have developed services to help various ADNOC entities hedge their positions, thereby reducing market risks and supporting strategic decision-making processes across the group.

ADNOC Global Trading is committed to pioneering the trade of future energy sources, including biofuels, and ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations on carbon emissions. Our Trading Academy is dedicated to preparing the next generation of Emirati traders, ensuring that UAE nationals are integral to our operations. This initiative supports ADNOC’s broader goals, contributing to the nation’s workforce development and reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and innovation.

As we continue to grow both geographically and thematically, our vision remains clear: to responsibly harness resources and technologies, driving economic growth and delivering tomorrow's energy solutions. With a strong foundation and a forward-looking approach, ADNOC Global Trading is poised to meet the evolving energy needs of the world.

Explore more about our journey and discover opportunities to be a part of our dynamic team.

Ahmad Bin Thalith

CEO of ADNOC Global Trading