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ADNOC Trading offers broader services to our domestic and international customers. As a fully-fledged trading company, ADNOC Trading has access to global energy markets through Organized Oil Exchanges and other Over The Counter (OTC) instruments.

Following the launch of Ice Futures Abu Dhabi (IFAD), ADNOC Trading trades IFAD Murban Futures contracts, based on ADNOC’s flagship crude.

ADNOC Trading offers exchange-cleared trading solutions, allowing for additional optionality and greater flexibility for ADNOC and our customers.

As ADNOC becomes a more progressive and agile, customer-centric organization, ADNOC Trading builds on ADNOC’s strong foundation of reliable and stable supply of crude oil and exceptional customer service.

On behalf of ADNOC Group, we increase access to ADNOC crudes, other crudes as well as LNG on global markets.