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What We Do

What We Do


Currently, we are exploring and developing new oil and gas fields within an onshore location, south-east of Abu Dhabi. Haliba oil field is at the forefront of our development activities and plays an integral part in achieving ADNOC’s 2030 smart growth strategy of expanding our oil production capacity.

In June 2019, we began to produce 10,000 barrels of crude oil per day (10 mbpd) from the Haliba oil field. The target production capacity of Haliba oil field is 40 mbpd.

As an interim measure and in order to expedite oil production, we process crude from the Haliba oil field through ADNOC Onshore’s Asab Central Degassing Station. The stabilized crude is then transported to the marine export terminals, through their existing main oil lines network. We made our first shipment of Haliba light crude (marketed under ADNOC’s Murban crude grade ) to Korea in August 2019.  

Haliba oil field is also ADNOC’s first asset to have fully outsourced facilities maintenance to optimize internal resources and sets a precedent of outsourcing in the future. We have also implemented the smart field technologies at Haliba field, which will be operated as a fully unmanned and remotely managed smart field, thus optimizing resources without compromise on HSE.

In 2018, we also discovered potential resources in three new fields (Al Humrah, Bu Tasah, and Bu Nikhelah) and made another three discoveries (D1, D2 & D3) and one geological discovery (D4) in 2020 following an intensive exploration program.

We plan to accelerate oil production from the newly discovered fields using early production schemes such as modularized production units, which are available as small mobile skid-mounted processing units. This efficient approach can unlock immediate value by reducing the ‘discovery-to-market’ cycle to less than two years, thereby increasing profitability and maximizing shareholder value.

Haliba will be a future production hub for our company whereby all other new fields in our concession area will transport their crude to the Haliba central facilities for processing and combined transportation to the ADNOC network. These central processing facilities are part of the Haliba Phase II Development Project.