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Corporate Volunteering

Energy for Responsibility

Corporate Volunteering

“The good deeds we perform for our country in this world are the best things we will take with us to the hereafter.” The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founding Father of the UAE

At ADNOC, we believe in giving back to the community by volunteering our time and working together to achieve our corporate social goals and initiatives. We empower our employees to act as drivers of our community programs and share their time, skills, and expertise to make a difference to communities and the environment on all levels. It is through their sense of pride, shared purpose and strong team spirit that we leave a lasting impression in the community.

In 2019 alone, we had 4,058 employees volunteer across several ADNOC outreach campaigns. During ADNOC’s Ramadan campaign, our people dedicated more than 62,000 hours to work with our local partners in distributing at least 1.1 million Iftar meals nationwide. The Rahma campaign saw the distribution of water to over 12,000 workers city-wide.

Our skill-based volunteering activities (such as the ADNOC Underwater Clean-up campaigns) have made a difference in preserving marine life in Abu Dhabi’s waters. A team of our employees, (licensed divers and kayakers), cleared around 7,500 kilograms of waste from the beach and the seabed of Abu Dhabi, Lulu Islands, and Al Marfa Port.

Building on our past successes, we will continue to create new opportunities and expand on existing initiatives so that our employees can support each other, the communities they live in, and the nation.