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Shaping the Workforce of the Future

Energy for Education

Shaping the Workforce of the Future

“Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed. It is essential that we prepare ourselves and our children for that new world.” The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the Founding Father of the UAE

In line with the vision of the UAE’s wise leadership, we are committed to nurturing a future workforce that creates a sustainable knowledge-based economy and supports the nation’s socio-economic development plans. We are aligning our educational initiatives to the UAE Vision 2021, Ghadan 21 (Abu Dhabi’s Accelerator Program), and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4 for Quality Education) by intensifying our focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) so we can support a robust education and research system.

The disruption in the oil and gas industry has led to ADNOC’s transformation into a world leading energy player: a company that is expanding its downstream and upstream portfolios, developing its marketing and trading capabilities and driving In-Country Value (ICV). Our transformation requires leading talents in science who think strategically and execute unconventionally, ensuring the UAE remains a thriving energy force in the market.

Through our strategic partnerships, we are bringing STEM education programs to classrooms, impacting the lives of students and opening their minds to the exciting career possibilities that the oil and gas industry offers. The STEM program is designed to inspire the next generation of geologists, chemists, technology architects, environmental engineers, data scientists and asset integrity experts.

In 2017 we began to implement STEM programs in our schools. We teamed up with one partner and introduced the STEM program to an ADNOC school, where 153 students benefited in the first year. By 2019, we expanded our partnership to an additional three organizations to deliver the STEM program to 7,510 students city-wide. By 2030, we plan to reach 200,000 students nationwide. As more trusted partners join us in our quest towards establishing a knowledge-based economy through the STEM program, we are confident that we will continue to inspire energy for creativity, innovation and ingenuity for generations to come.

As part of our efforts to introduce a diverse range of proven learning methods to our schools, we have partnered with JODCO and the Kumon Institute of Education to bring the highly effective Kumon Method to mathematics education at ADNOC Schools. The program has been successfully rolled out in eight schools since 2019, with increased participation year on year.