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Unified Certification Process

In-Country Value Program offers suppliers new opportunities to conduct business in the UAE

Unified Certification Process

The In-Country Value (ICV) program has been pioneered by ADNOC and implemented in ADNOC group of companies since the beginning of 2018,offering suppliers new opportunities to conduct business with ADNOC Group. Since late 2019, the program has expanded to cover different governmental and semi-governmental entities. In September 2021, the Ministry of Technology and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has announced the expansion on the program to the federal level in the UAE, therefore, the ICV certification process will be governed by MoIAT.  This shall increase the potential business opportunities for the private sector entities as well as further strengthen an efficient platform for local value add generation.

The In-Country Value program consists of two parts, which are ICV certification and ICV Implementation.

  • The ICV certification part is under the mandate of the Ministry of Technology and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) and is unified and aligned between all ICV participating entities. The unified ICV certificate will be considered by all the participating entities. Therefore, Suppliers are only required to issue one ICV certificate per legal entity that shall be used by all participating entities. 
  • The ICV implementation will be unique at each entity level. It represents the way each participating entity will use the certificate in its business activities. Accordingly, the ICV certificate will be considered by each participating entity in accordance with its policy. 

All suppliers are strongly encouraged to undertake an ICV evaluation and certification process to attain an ICV certification. The evaluation will examine your value-added contribution to the UAE in areas including:

  • Local manufacturing
  • Procurement of third party goods and services
  • Local investment and it is Growth
  • Emiratization of workforce
  • Expatriate contribution
  • Generation of income from outside UAE
The certification will verify the contribution in these areas. Suppliers are expected to complete the Certification Submission Template and approach one of the empanelled certifying bodies who are authorized to issue ICV certificates. The list of the authorized Certifying bodies is available in ICV Certifying Bodies List. Suppliers can download the ICV certification template and refer to Supplier Submission guidelines for assistance in completing the submission documents which are available in ICV Submission Template and Guidelines.