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ADNOC Hosts Over 250 University Students as it Seeks to Inspire Next Generation of Oil and Gas Leaders

Abu Dhabi, UAE – April 13, 2017: Over 250 students, from three Abu Dhabi universities, who represent the UAE’s future engineering and oil and gas talent pipeline, visited the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) headquarters, today. They learned from ADNOC’s experts about the important role of the upstream sector for the nation’s economy and discussed how Exploration, Development and Production (EDP) helps to unlock maximum value from Abu Dhabi’s hydrocarbon reserves.

The students, from The Petroleum Institute, Khalifa University and the Masdar Institute of Science and Research, explored the challenging and exciting world of the oil and gas industry’s upstream operations, witnessing first-hand the ingenuity, commitment and world-class engineering required to unlock hydrocarbons from reservoirs deep underground and trapped in complex rock formations to fuel the UAE’s socio-economic growth.

Abdulmunim Al Kindy, ADNOC’s Exploration, Development and Production Director, met with the students during their visit to ADNOC’s EDP open house, at which ADNOC’s EDP Directorate and operating companies showcased their activities with a series of exhibits designed to tell the story of how ADNOC searches for and then extracts the oil and gas critical to supplying the energy needs of consumers, businesses and utilities.

Al Kindy said: “At ADNOC we are focused on supplying the energy that supports the UAE’s growth and prosperity. We do so profitably and efficiently. At the same time, we are committed to investing in our young Emirati talent, so they can play a critical role in the nation’s development.

“By engaging with young people, through events such as today’s open house, we seek to inspire our young men and women to become the first-class engineers and scientists, the UAE, and particularly the oil and gas industry, will need in the years ahead. At the same time, we can demonstrate how, by working together, we can bring out the best in ADNOC and create energy with impact.”

The students, attending the open house, heard how ADNOC uses the latest science and technology to find oil and gas reservoirs (Exploration), design the best ways to develop oil and gas fields to generate optimal output and returns (Development) and drill for and extract the hydrocarbons (Production) for further processing and sale. 

The Directorate and operating companies taking part in the Route EDP event were ADNOC’s Exploration, Development, Production and Planning units and its Technical Centre, as well as its upstream operating companies, ADCO, ADMA-ZADCO. Other ADNOC upstream companies participating were the National Drilling Company (NDC), Al Dhafra and Al Yasat.

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April 13, 2017