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ADNOC Deploys AIQ’s World-First RoboWell AI Solution in Offshore Operations

Deployed at NASR field, RoboWell technology uses AI algorithms to autonomously operate wells, maximizing efficiency and minimizing emissions

ADNOC’s accelerated application of AIQ’s industry-leading AI solutions across operations is enhancing safety, optimizing efficiency, and maximizing value



Abu Dhabi, UAE – July 11, 2024: ADNOC today announced the deployment of RoboWell, AIQ’s pioneering artificial intelligence (AI) autonomous well-control solution, in its operations at the offshore NASR field. This world-first offshore deployment of RoboWell highlights how ADNOC is leveraging advanced technologies to drive efficiencies and ensure a secure, reliable and responsible supply of energy. 

Deployed in partnership with AIQ, the Abu Dhabi-based AI champion delivering transformative solutions to the energy sector, RoboWell uses cloud-based AI algorithms to autonomously operate wells that self-adjust according to changing conditions. This enhances the safe operation of the well, improves efficiency, reduces the need for travel and physical interventions, and so minimizes emissions.

Abdulmunim Saif Al Kindy, ADNOC Upstream Executive Director, said: “The offshore deployment of RoboWell at NASR field demonstrates how ADNOC is harnessing the power of AI as we responsibly meet growing global energy demand. ADNOC’s aim is to become the world’s most AI-enabled energy company, integrating AI from the control room to the board room to maximize efficiency and move towards autonomous operations. Through our partnership with AIQ we are leveraging the UAE’s world-leading expertise in energy and AI to help transform the future of energy.”

Located 130 kilometers northwest of Abu Dhabi, NASR is a fully digital offshore field that uses a suite of technology solutions to maximize production and minimize emissions. RoboWell has been deployed across an initial 10 wells at NASR, with further deployment of the AI solution scheduled at over 300 wells across ADNOC’s offshore and onshore operations this year. 

Dr. Chris Cooper, AIQ CEO said: “AIQ leverages AI and machine learning solutions that unlock value across the entire value chain of the energy sector. RoboWell has already been proven to deliver up to 30% optimization in gas lift consumption and up to 5% increase in operating efficiency, so the expanded implementation of the solution represents a pivotal step for AIQ and ADNOC. By harnessing this leading-edge technology, we are enabling ADNOC to drive greater value from its resources and further optimize its operations.’’

RoboWell was developed by AIQ and ADNOC’s Thamama Excellence Center, a state-of-the-art hub that leverages big data, digitalization and smart analytics to help access hydrocarbon resources and unlock greater value from existing reservoirs. RoboWell was first deployed in 2023 at the onshore NEB field, ADNOC’s first "smart field", which has pioneered the implementation of industry-leading AI-enabled advanced technologies.

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July 11, 2024
Abu Dhabi

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