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GASCO successfully installs H2S scrubber vessels at ICAD


In September 2016, a team from GASCO’s Projects Pipelines unit successfully completed the installation of two H2S scrubber vessels at Abu Dhabi Industrial City ICAD consumer receiving station 813.

The 1st vessel was successfully installed on August 25th 2016 and the 2nd one on September 8th 2016. The installation of the vessels was challenging because of their sheer size and weight. Each vessel weighs approximately 60 tons, is approximately 12.7 meters tall and 2.7 meters wide. To overcome this challenge and ensure the activity is completed safely and as planned, GASCO used a 500 ton crane for the main lifting and 200 ton crane for tailing.

GASCO’s scope of work included the installation of H2S removal facilities adjacent CRS-813, in order to reduce the H2S concentration to below 1ppmv to meet both, GASCO HSE standards and customer requirements. The required capacity of the H2S removal unit is 41.5 MMSCFD of inlet gas flow, with a provision to increase this capacity to 83 MMSCFD in the future.

The project was undertaken to provide H2S free natural gas to customers in the ICAD region through consumer receiving station. ICAD was built by Abu Dhabi General Industry Corporation (GIC) in the Mussafah area of Abu Dhabi.

Release Details

September 01, 2016